Tips for Creating a Brand Photography Style Guide

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Understanding the importance of brand photography and working to capture it is the first step to really mastering your brand imagery. But once you’ve started identifying your visual characteristics, you need to get them down on paper to make sure you stick with them. If you bring on more team members, switch photographers, or outsource your marketing, you’ll want to have this guide to point to so that things say consistent.
In an ideal world, you’ll work with a photographer or brand expert to define your visual guidelines and extend them to your photography. That said, I know we all have to do a fair amount of DIY-ing when we’re starting out. Here are a few things to make sure you include and tips for figuring them out:
Tips for Creating a Brand Photography Style Guide


This is a great place to play around with refining your aesthetic. Jump on to Pinterest and make yourself a board, and tweak it until you have a solid set of images that you feel represent the vibe of your brand. Then you can add this board into your style guide to use as a reference.


Defining image color isn’t too different from the way you would define your brand colors for your other collateral. Think about the tones and shades that you want to see emphasized in your imagery. For example, my feed has an emphasis on white space with pops of earth tones, gold, and cool blues. Because I work with a lot of food photos I try to keep my color guidelines in mind when creating recipes.


Think about the overall theme of your imagery– is it inspiring? Motivating (think Nike)? Should it make people hungry, or make people curious?


Think about your target audience, and make a note of who they are! If you’re attracting kid you’ll want a different vibe than if you’re attracting a group of vintage car collectors.


What props should be commonly featured in your brand photography? If you’re a fitness company, fresh fruit and vegetables or workout gear should be frequent props. If you’re a podcaster you’ll want to use office supplies and microphone gear, or items related to the topic you record about.
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