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Hi! I’m Moriah.

I’m a photographer, cookbook author, coach, podcaster, and dog mom. I’m both a dog person and an elephant person, but I guess owning pet elephants doesn’t fly in an NYC walkup, so I’m sticking with this for now.

On a professional level, I primarily work in commercial and editorial food photography in NYC, or wherever I’m needed. My work has been featured by brands such as Anthropologie, The Today Show, and Material Kitchen, and my clientele includes national and global brands such as Morimoto, True Food Kitchen, Ollie Pets, Purely Elizabeth, The Pierre Hotel, Fox Restaurants, and Simple Mills, among others.

Making things keeps me optimistic, and thus keeps me sane.

Life has handed me my own set of challenges, and I usually cope by making art out of the hard parts of my story. Here, this has manifested itself as a blog about creative business and food photography

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over 10 years ago which has opened up other health issues over the years that I’ve managed through a whole food diet and mindfulness. This blog began as my way of taking my reality and making something beautiful of it with delicious gluten free recipes, and now it’s a place where I share about creative business and food photography. I hope it brings a beautiful bright spot into your life, too! 

This blog is mostly about the one constant variable in my life: making, and I find undying joy in that. Life is a series of messy events that we can’t control, but we can control what we make of them. I’m working on embracing that. 

What’s on the blog?

The short answer? Nowadays I’m sharing more about my creative process and how I’ve grown my photography business. Food styling, food photography hacks, gear, business tips, creative growth, and musings on this whole crazy artistic journey.

But here’s the long answer, too: I’ve heard it said that if you don’t see a seat at the table, you build your own table, and make enough room for everyone else who was also looking for a seat.

That’s my blog—a table for anyone who is trying against all odds to make something beautiful in the everyday. There’s a seat here for anyone who chooses to look at broken glass and instead see puzzle pieces that can be put back together.

Hopefully I’ll share something that will inspire you to work on your next big idea. Because the world so desperately needs it.

So if you’re new here I hope this resonates with you and that you stick around and stay comfy in your seat—there’s plenty of room for us all 🙂 

girl standing on train tracks

Want to talk shop or even just shoot the breeze?

Email me at hello (at) moriahbrooke (dot) com.

For food photography or other work, email me or visit

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